Scalp Micropigmentation: Please call for quote

This treatment recreates hair lines and fills in density through a state of the art tattoo technique that simulates hair follicles. The price varies depending on the areas of the scalp being treated.  A simulated 3D photo rendition can be provided. Click here to watch.


Microblading & Shading: $599

This technique is also known as Combo Brows as it combines the 3D hair strokes of microblading with the added powdery, shaded effect of Microshading. This treatment creates fullness and depth and lasts anywhere from 2-3 years. Follow up session is included 4-8 weeks after initial treatment. Click here to watch.


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Scheduling Your Treatment: Treatment appointments will be scheduled after your consultation. 

Cancellation Policy: You may call to reschedule up to 3 days prior to your treatment appointment.