Glow From the Inside-Out

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Skin Care

Keep your skin soft and glowing with our Cleansing Oil that combines a blend of ten 100% natural botanical oils and works on all skin types. Paired with our Detoxifying Charcoal Mask with earth clays and Age-Defying Recovery Serum with hyaluronic acid for visibly reduced pores and smoother, brighter skin.

Fount of Youth Collagen Powder Product by Microhair Aesthetics


Fight wrinkles and sagging skin with our Collagen Peptides supplement, Fountain of Youth. Our beauty supplement helps you maintain and build collagen production to increase elasticity and hydration for an overall improved appearance. Combine with our serums for glowing and youthful skin that starts from the inside-out.



Scalp Micropigmentation is a revolutionary concept in hair loss solutions by using the art of tattooing. If you are suffering from hair loss due to hormonal factors, aging, trichotillomania, alopecia, or have an FUE scar that needs to be camouflaged, you will greatly benefit from this procedure.

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Microhair Aesthetics Hair Extensions Halo Hair 1 Minute Hair Clip In Hair

Halo Hair Crown Extensions

1 hair extension piece that goes on in less than 1 minute and removes in seconds for instant style and length! With an invisible hidden wire, our Halo Hair Crown Extensions blends seamlessly and stays put. Real Remy hair that you can heat curl and wash, cut and style however you'd like - and double drawn for lushes fullness that will transform you!



The Founder of Microhair Aesthetics and Director on the Board of Directors with the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, Yolanda has 15 years in the Beauty industry and is the Founder of iLushess Lashes, a celebrity and nationally recognized beauty brand...