After suffering from stress-related alopecia in 2015, micropigmentation services helped Yolanda to personally achieve renewed confidence after hair loss to her scalp and eyebrows. With her background in Aesthetics and Makeup Artistry, she instantly knew it was something she wanted to share and provide to others and founded Microhair Aesthetics.

Now offering clinical-grade skin care products that boasts natural and organic ingredients, including Fountain of Youth by Microhair Aesthetics, a nutritional supplement to promote healthy hair, youthful skin and wellness.

The skin care line was created through Yolanda's countless hours of research and experimenting at home with natural and organic ingredients and foods including holistic herbs, oils and vitamins, to bring back the integrity of her hair. "The texture of my hair had changed once it fell out. It was dry, brittle and dull. With my formulas, I not only achieved great results with my hair but my skin was showing signs of reversed aging and I was suddenly being mistaken for someone 20 years younger. It's been nothing short of amazing to see such a change".

Microhair Aesthetics is thrilled to be offering skin care products that contain natural and organic ingredients and you can purchase them online. Our services are by appointment only at our clinic in beautiful Lafayette, CA.